Wantable: September Accessory Box Review

I recently subscribed to Wantable, a website that sends you personalized boxes each month in any of the following four categories: Accessories, Lingerie, Makeup, or Fitness. You simply take a quiz, in which you select items that you “love,” “like,” or “dislike.” They customize your box around that, promising that you will never receive items that fall into your “dislike” category.

I got my first box last week, and I love it! I received a pair of cool silver “Peyton” earrings, a pretty pearl and crystal “Kiara” bracelet, a skinny white-banded “Clara” Β watch that I really like (more on that later), and a layered gold “Sherri” necklace that I am in love with!


Peyton earrings


Clara watch


Sherri necklace


Kiara bracelet

Wantable includes a detailed list with each package that tells you a bit about the collection, along with the name of each product and its normal retail price. For $36 a month (when you sign up for more than one month, it’s $40 for just one month), it’s a total steal! My box this month had a total retail value of $75.

The only problem I had is that the watch that came in my box wouldn’t tick for more than a minute or two. I emailed their customer service the next day and explained the problem, and they got back to me really quickly. They apologized accordingly and said they would send a replacement item that fit my quiz profile immediately! This was some of the best customer service I have ever experienced from an online store.

I loved the mixture of gold and silver in this box. The necklace especially is unlike anything else I Β have, and it’s an awesome addition to my collection. I can’t wait to see what comes in my October box!

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