Things I love right now

I love fall; it’s my favorite season. It’s still really hot in Davis, like high 90s, even though it’s OCTOBER. Come on, it should be chilly by now! I’m looking forward to when it finally does get chilly and I can wear this dolman cardigan instead of just looking at it. It’s really soft and cozy and I think it’ll be great with a ton of my fall outfits.


I love flowers of all kinds, but chrysanthemums are definitely some of my favorites. I also love to have plants in my room/ house, but I tend to kill them off somehow! I don’t fully kill them, really, I take them home to my very-skilled-at-growing-things dad who revives them and makes them a part of his beautiful garden. I haven’t killed this one yet, though! It’s actually thriving in my window. I bought it at our local Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago and I think I’ll get another one next time I go. I just need to remember to water it and keep the cat from eating it…


I don’t know if any of you have ever played Aerobie before, but it is awesome. It’s like a super fast frisbee that goes really far. My boyfriend bought one recently and we’ve been having a lot of fun playing with it! It’ll be a great way to get me outside and active more, and since talking to real people is better for my brain than Netflix, it’s a win/win for both body and mind!


These are just three of the things I’m loving/ excited about right now. I’m off to eat my Paleo Shepherd’s Pie leftovers!


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