Julep Maven, Golden Tote, and other new boxes I’ve discovered

While browsing on Facebook today, I saw an ad for Julep, a beauty and nail polish site that has monthly subscription boxes! “How fun!” I thought! Different themed nail polishes each month! Then I saw that you can get your first box for free! You just go to their website (here) and enter code FREEFALL to get your first box for only the price of shipping! Mine was only $3! I’m really excited to see what they offer. I’ll post a review, not only of what I get, but also of how the polishes go on and turn out when dry.

Golden Tote is less of a subscription box and more of a grab bag collection you can shop each month. You choose if you want the $49 tote (2-3 items) or the $149 tote (5-7 items) and then you get to pick out one or two items you want included in your tote. They pick the rest of your items for you, based on a short size & style survey. I spent a while browsing their website and reviews yesterday, and their clothes are just beautiful! They have a black vegan leather jacket this month that I am coveting so hard.  I emailed them to see if they would possibly, ever, in any universe, send me a sample package to try. Can’t hurt to put it out there!


Flicker Box is a handmade, boutique candle subscription box that I stumbled onto yesterday after thinking about how much I love candles. Almost immediately after having that thought, my smoke alarm went off very loudly, scaring the cat to death and causing me to then blow out my candles. I didn’t know that I had a smoke alarm in here before, so at least that’s comforting.

Anyway, Flicker Box mentioned in their FAQs that they no longer offer free sample boxes for bloggers because their kindness was taken advantage of (for shame, lying bloggers), but that they do offer a one-time discount for bloggers. Of course, I hopped right on that and emailed the owner of the company immediately. She emailed me back within a few hours and let me know how to get my discount. I’ll be ordering my box today, and I’m really excited to see what kinds of candles it has and to review it!

That’s it for now, because I should probably go to class and stuff.


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