Weekend fun


IMG_0085I love weekends! Weekends this quarter start for me on Friday afternoon, because I only have one class and it’s in the morning! I celebrated yesterday by wearing the earrings and necklace I got from my September Wantable box.

My boyfriend and I had a dinner party for a couple friends at my apartment. We like calling them dinner parties because it makes us feel like actual adults (even though we ate sitting on the floor.)  We cooked good, real adult food though!

IMG_0086I made this cheesy pesto chicken and my paleo berry crisp, and Ben made plantains with bell pepper and garlic, and roasted herb asparagus. It was so good!

IMG_0087We also made the delightful discovery that wine glasses can be like fun house mirrors!

Saturday was mostly devoted to work, but I did have a break in the afternoon, so Ben and I watched some episodes of High Maintenance. I’d never seen it before, but it’s so interesting! The show consists of short episodes about a weed delivery guy and the weird, weird people he comes into contact with. Really imaginative and different, I highly recommend it! (Get it?)

I got to have a lazy morning today (Sunday), which feels pretty rare. The wind is insane today; it woke me up by slamming my door around 5:30. It’s beautiful and sunny though, and I think this might be one of the last really warm days we get this year. I’m so ready for the real fall weather!

gonegirlposterBen and I saw a matinee of Gone Girl on Sunday for our date night and OH MY GOD.  What a mindfuck. I read the book, and I was still surprised! I’m no movie critic, but I thought it was awesome. I loved the casting, the acting, Neil Patrick Harris, Ben Affleck, the strange treatment of the opening credits, everything. It definitely helped that Gillian Flynn (the author of the book) wrote the screenplay. Even the score was good. If you like thrillers or suspense movies and want an engrossing, multi-hour escape, go see this movie. It was awesome. We had to decompress with Thai takeout and True Blood afterwards. It was a perfect evening, really.

How was everyone else’s weekends?


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