October Julep Maven Box Review

My first Julep box came today! I was so excited to see what I would get that I cut the tape with my keys while I was walking back to my apartment.

I’d have to say that I was surprised but not disappointed by what I got in my box. Here’s what was inside:


I got 3 nail polishes, which confused me a bit, but I think the base coat counts as a full-sized beauty product?

The Jane nail polish is a coppery-orange glitter polish and part of the Bombshell collection. It’s not a color/glitter combination I ever would have picked out for myself, but I’ll definitely try it now that I have it!


The second polish is called Valerie and is a deep green with iridescent gold shimmer in it. I’m looking forward to trying this one a lot! It looks more gray in the picture I took than in real life, but you can see the gold shimmer pretty well. I’ll definitely post pictures of how this turns out as a manicure.


The last thing I received, as I mentioned before, was not a beauty product but an “Oxygen smoothing base coat.” Maybe this will get rid of the annoying nail polish bubbles I always get! I’ll be super psyched if it does.


They also sent me a welcome booklet explaining how the service works and a 50% off coupon for my next purchase. Unfortunately, I can’t apply that to the Maven box. Overall, I’m pleased with what I received and I think the colors are good for fall, but I don’t know if I will continue my subscription and pay $25 a month for it. Since I only paid $3 for shipping costs (I used one of the many free codes that you can use for your first box), it’s certainly worth what I paid! I’ll have to see what I get in the special Halloween-themed box that I also ordered to see if I want to continue to subscribe.


I painted my nails with my new polishes today and here’s the result!  Aside from the fact that it looks like I don’t have a thumb, I think they look pretty good! I like the copper glitter waaay more than I thought I would! It goes one well and dries a lot smoother than other glitter polishes I’ve used. I’m happier with this box now that I’ve used the polishes!



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