Things I’m loving this week

1. Pumpkin body butter from Trader Joe’s. It’s made with coconut oil and Vitamin E and pumpkin seed oil, and all the good, natural things that the autumnally-scented things from Bath and Body Works aren’t made with. It also makes me smell like homemade pumpkin pie, so I’m really happy about it. Trader Joe’s own description of it is quite enjoyable as well.


(Note: this is not my image, I got it from

2. Alright, I’m about to sound like a major basic bitch here, but I think I make up for this in other ways, like my dazzling sense of humor and my collection of dirty-sloganed t shirts. (The end of that sentence originally just said “my collection of dirty t shirts,” which made it sound like I just never do laundry.) My second thing I’m really loving this week is putting pumpkin spice mix in my Bulletproof Coffee. It makes it extra delicious! If you would like to learn about what Bulletproof Coffee is, check out this page. It’s really great stuff, keeps me energized all day. I’d also like to add that I am drinking it out of a Mason jar, because I’m clearly just that cool.

3. Dance class. I never thought I would say this but I think I might be able to learn how to dance! My boyfriend and I are taking “Beginning Social Dance” through the Experimental College at UCD, and the first class was last night. It was SO MUCH FUN. I expected to enjoy it, but we both left the class feeling awesome. We already learned the basics for both East Coast Swing and the Foxtrot, and I feel very fancy now. I may or may not have practiced the steps a little bit in the office at work. I can’t wait for next week’s class.

4. The weather! I’m wearing a sweater (the dolman cardigan I posted about last week, actually) while sitting inside a building right now, and I’m quite happy about that. It’s 70 degrees outside today, and that’s basically a miracle. Now let’s hope for some rain.

5. Getting packages. This is always true, I love getting shit in the mail way more than I should (it was a joyful day for me when I discovered Amazon and a sad day for the delivery guys who have to try and find my confusing addresses), and today my first (and free!) Julep Maven box should arrive! I’ll do a review as soon as I can.



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