October Wantable Accessories Box Review

Woo! My October Wantable box got here yesterday! I loved my first box (September) so I was eager to see what they would send me this month!


Invoice with my style quiz choices and the prices of the products I received

I had read some spoilers of what some other bloggers had gotten in their October boxes, so I was excited for some colorful statement necklaces and earrings. I received statement earrings, but they were missing a jewel when I received them, so I emailed Wantable to see about a replacement. The earrings are also just my least favorite thing in the box; they seem kind of cheap and they are clearly not well-made.





Despite the damaged earrings, I’m very happy with the rest of the box! My favorite thing is definitely the Lucia necklace. It’s a long necklace with a bar of hanging turquoise stones. It’ll look great with black as well as colors!

Lucia necklace with the A-line swing dress from Golden Tote

Lucia necklace with the A-line swing dress from Golden Tote

I also received Meredith sunglasses, which was unexpected. I would have guessed that sunglass season was basically over, but I love sunglasses and wear them all the time so it’s all good. They have a fun woody pattern and don’t make my nose look too ridiculous! That and not being too nice to lose or break are basically my only specifications for sunglasses, so I’m happy.


Eyebrow game gone wild?

Last but not least was the Morgan scarf, a thick black and red striped infinity deal. It will be great for cold mornings and will look fierce with my new Golden Tote pleather jacket! I love scarfs in the fall and winter because they help keep my throat warm and my singing voice ready (she said, sounding pretentious.)


The box’s total value was $80; I’m very happy with that since I paid $36! Overall, it was a win!

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Wantable promptly responded to my request to get something to replace my damaged earrings. The replacements got here today! Here they are:


Celeste earrings from Wantable

They are not something I would normally pick out, but I think they will be really great for fancy occasions like performances! I like them better than the original ones and they seem to be better made as well. Thanks, Wantable!


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