Honey-Mustard Salmon Recipe

Happy Sunday! Ben (the boyfriend) and I went to 99 Ranch Market in Sac today and I stocked up on a ton of salmon, which makes me very happy because salmon is my favorite food. They have great prices on the under-utilized parts of the fish, like the collar and belly. Both of those cuts are delicious, tender meat that I think cook better than traditional salmon fillets! Here’s a simple recipe for my favorite way to cook salmon:

1 package of salmon collar or salmon belly *

3-4 tablespoons Dijon mustard

2-3 tablespoons raw honey

3-4 tablespoons water

salt to taste

* you could also use fillets, just cut them in strips similar to the picture to ensure a similar cooking time

That’s all you need! So few ingredients and such a delicious meal. Combine the mustard and honey in a bowl, starting with less and adding more to taste. (I cook mostly by taste and feel and didn’t measure anything out when I made this tonight, so they’re estimates.) Add some water to dissolve the honey and water down the mixture a bit. Add some salt, and when you’re satisfied with the taste of your marinade, add the fish! You can marinade it for anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight and it’ll turn out great.

Heat a tablespoon of oil up in a frying pan over medium heat, and gently lay the fish in the pan. I cook mine for about 1 minute, 30 seconds per side. They cook up fast, and you don’t want them to get dry, so pull them out of the pan as soon as you think they’re done!

I decided to try cooking canned bamboo shoots alongside the salmon for an exotic side dish, but they were not what I hoped they would be! I didn’t like the flavor (canning can be weird for some things) and the texture was strange as well. I was hoping they would be similar to the bamboo I get in my Thai curry but they were much larger piece. Oh well, live and learn not to eat canned bamboo.

Go forth and eat salmon!


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