Julep Maven Halloween Box Review

I ordered my first Julep Maven box for free with one of their many codes (see my review of that box here), but I wanted to try out more of their polishes, so I ordered their Halloween-themed box as well.


Complete with notes from Mushrooms class!

I like this box a lot better than my first one right off the bat. The colors are much more my style, although less Halloween-themed than I expected. I guess I was expecting some orange polish in the mix, but instead I got a rad shiny silver, a nice black, and a gorgeous matte dark blue grey. This box also came with a beauty product: the gel eye glider pencil in deep brown. It looks more like true black to me, but it goes on super smoothly so I can’t complain.


This is the Ledi polish, from the It Girl collection. It’s described as “black pearl shimmer” on the Julep website. I think it will look really cool!


The Quinn polish, from Classic with a Twist, has a satin finish and is described as “charcoal purple satin.” I’m even more excited to try it now that I have that color description in my mind!



My last one is the Missy It Girl polish. “Titanium metallic” seems like the perfect description. I’ll be trying all of these as soon as I have a free afternoon and I’ll post pictures then.

A really cool feature that I just discovered on the Julep website is that they have multiple skin tones represented in the pictures for each nail polish, so that it’s easier to tell what the polish will look like on you! I think that’s awesome and should be more common.

I loved this box!


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