Things I Love This Week



Trader Joe’s, you have saved me again. It’s a big week of presentations and midterms and quizzes, not to mention 20 hours of work. I needed quick, health(ish) dinners and TJ’s had them for me! This Sai Tung Green Curry & Red Gaba Rice is delicious! It’s really flavorful and was a very filling portion, instead of being a lame and tiny frozen dinner.


Since I took a food science class last spring, I always make a point to read food labels. There are often some very sketchy ingredients in what we eat, especially processed and frozen foods, but I was satisfied with this list! I also appreciate that it’s gluten free! I will definitely be stocking my freezer with these for crazy times when I can’t cook.



Flowers and candles are something I always love, but Ben brought me a gorgeous (and amazing-smelling) rose on Sunday and it looked so pretty in the candlelight that I had to take a picture. It’s the little things that really brighten my day, like my thoughtful boyfriend bringing me a flower 🙂


You can tell this has been read cover to cover by the presence of all the tabs!

Ben has been really into Tim Ferriss and both The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef for quite a while, but I borrowed 4-Hour Chef last week to actually read it for myself. It’s an awesome book; cookbook, life skills, and humor all rolled into one! It’s a must-read for people curious in cooking or learning how to extend their skills in a way that doesn’t seem overwhelming. Plus, it has beautiful pictures of food!


You can check out Tim Ferriss here, and buy this book here.



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