New Subscription Boxes!

My Wednesday early-morning research led me to new subscription boxes, which are, as you know, one of my favorite new things (see what I did there?) I discovered Yogi Surprise and Quarterly. Yogi Surprise is a new box, November will only be their second month I believe. They specialize in “a retreat in a box” with lots of full-size, high quality health- and yoga-related goodies. As a yoga fan, I love the idea, but the box is pretty expensive at $44.95 per month. I still really wanted to try it though, so I contacted them, and they reviewed my blog and very kindly gave me a blogger deal! That is really exciting for me since my blog is so new and small still. The box should be shipping next week and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

Photo from My Subscription Addiction

Photo of October box from My Subscription Addiction

Quarterly Co. is a website that hosts “care packages” curated by different celebrities/bloggers/food people/ etc. Most of the boxes are, as the name would suggest, quarterly, but a few are monthly. The ones I was most excited about were the My Subscription Addiction, Book Riot, and Melissa Joulwan boxes. If you follow subscription box stuff at all, you’ll know that My Subscription Addiction is one of the biggest blogs. She’s curating her own box now, which should be amazing because she knows what she and others really enjoy in boxes. I also love that she ordered, paid for, and reviewed her own box. I will be ordering this one for my next weight loss milestone reward!

Book Riot also seems awesome, but totally different. You get a package of books and book-related things sent to you every 3 months! New books! Book posters! Book mugs! What could be better than that? They also have a one-book-per-month subscription called Riot Read that I’ll probably try out once I finish Outlander.

Photo from Book Riot on

Photo from Book Riot on

Melissa Joulwan’s box excited me because it’s a paleo box! She’s only done one so far, but the first one looked awesome. I think this might be a good present for a certain Paleo Diet fan I know.

I’ll be posting my review of Yogi Surprise when I get my box, hopefully late next week or early the week after.



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