Wednesday Dentist Fun & Workouts!

I went to the dentist with my mom yesterday! She kept kindly taking me to the dentist even though I’m an almost real adult now and now has just switched dentists because mine is awesome and it makes more sense. So we had a fun mother-daughter date filled with flossing and xrays! We even have the same dental hygienist, which I think is funny. Awesomely, I don’t have any more cavities! I’m actually going to start flossing regularly this time too, I promise!

After the dentist, we went out for delicious Thai food and had the fun time we always have together. Even considering we went to the dentist, it was a really good day.

I’ve decided to look of the bright side of having opening shifts at work yesterday and today. I get a lot done in the morning, and it’s awesome to see the sun rise!

Wednesday's sunrise over the scenic dumpster

Wednesday’s sunrise over the scenic dumpster

Thursday's even more colorful one

Thursday’s even more colorful one

I decided today that I don’t think I’m getting as much out of my weight loss process as I could, and after early-morning internet research, I have come to the conclusion that starting a weight lifting program will help in many ways. It’s not really the number on the scale I care about, I just want to be lean and healthy and feel and look good, so I’m ready to work more for it! Ben is going to help me and we’re starting tomorrow. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the process (that’ll help motivate me too.)



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