Working out: Week 2

I finally hit my next big weight milestone today! It took a while to get to this one, but I feel really good about reaching it. I got to order my next reward because I hit my target weight today which is also super exciting! I’ll be trying out Liz Cadman from My Subscription Addition’s Quarterly package. Luckily enough, the next package ships this month!

I really have been noticing a difference in how I feel and I’m starting to notice a difference in how my clothes are fitting, too. I wore a pair of jeans that were too tight for a while on Monday and they were comfortable again!

I went to the gym and lifted weights again this morning. Today was an A day, so I did rows, hammer press, myostatic crunches, and added in prone leg curls. I got a great workout tracker app called Strong that is quite useful so far. I added on some weight to my rows but couldn’t add more to my hammer curls, so I know what I need to focus on next time! My arms feel good and a little tired but my legs and abs feel like jello, so I know I did something right.

Ben loaned me his body tape measure so I’ll be able to start incorporating inch measurements into my progress tracking. I’m pumped!


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