Style Friday #1

Man, I’m glad it’s Friday! It was a busy week for me, and it’s not really done yet because I have a paper to write tomorrow.

I decided to try doing new Friday posts about fun fashion and style I’ve tried throughout the week, so here’s the first edition!


Thursday- a day that needed much coffee


I had fun sporting my Wantable rose gold watch basically all week. My dress from Thursday is from Forever 21 and is great for fall because it has longer kimono-style sleeves. My earrings, which aren’t super visible in this picture, were made by me! They’re long triangles made from hammered copper. I’m pretty proud of them.




I painted my nails with the black shimmer “Ledi” polish from Julep yesterday and it turned out really well! The polish went on beautifully (to both my nails and the surrounding skin- damn my shaky caffeine hands.)

I just had the idea for this article yesterday, so I don’t have much for this week’s edition, but I hope to have an expanded one next week!


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