Weekend Fun: Davis Farmer’s Market

I had an awesome time scoring some great food & more at the Farmer’s Market this morning! Ben loves going for their meats and I love the produce, and I ended up getting some of both this week.


I’m especially fond of the mums they sell at the plant stand, and they had them on sale today for $1! I was really excited and bought this super nice pink one. It looks great with my other two chrysanthemum plants on my window sill. I really like having plants in my room; they make it more colorful and provide extra oxygen!



All in all, I got Asian pears, a mix of red, russet, and Yukon gold potatoes, single-sourced ground beef, curly kale, the chrysanthemum, and a new handmade mug! Pretty good haul I think, and a good amount of groceries for next week. I’ll be looking through my new Paleo cookbook to get some recipe inspirations.



Here’s a closer view of my new mug. It was made and sold to me by Erin Jackson of Madman Studios, out of Woodland, CA. She had a pretty wide array of different designs and plain colors, but I thought this one was the coolest and most unique! I’ve been looking for a good replacement for my old favorite mug that broke a few weeks ago. It cracked all the way down the side when I poured boiling water in it for tea, and I was so sad! I’m happy to have a nice big mug again. Very successful trip to the Farmer’s Market today.

Just goofing around with Ben the photographer

Just goofing around with Ben the photographer






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