Working Out: Week 3-Yoga and Weight Lifting

Great things come in pairs: peanut butter and jelly (or almond butter and bananas), popcorn and butter, fall and crunchy leaves, hot chocolate and marshmallows. (Hmm, I might be hungry.) I have discovered another great pair: weight lifting and yoga!

I completed my fifth weight lifting workout yesterday, and it turned my shoulders into rocks overnight. What do I usually do for sore muscles? Yoga! Yoga is wonderful because it loosens muscles, increases flexibility, relaxes the nervous system, and promotes mindfulness, all of which will help me with weight lifting! What a beautiful combination.

Today I even had a yoga buddy to help me out! (That position isn’t really called downward facing cat. It’s a wide-leggedforward fold, for those who are interested.)


Downward facing cat

Since my shoulders were particularly impacted by yesterday’s workout, I chose to focus on shoulder stretches as well as a few Sun Salutations. The poses that felt the best were Thread the Needle, Reverse Prayer, Eagle, and the pose that I desperately sought the name for but couldn’t find and will now attempt to describe.

You start out on your stomach and stretch your right (for the purposes of this example) arm straight out to the side like you’re making half a T. Then you just roll your body over onto that arm so only your right side body is in contact with the ground. You support yourself with your left hand and should get a really nice deep stretch in your right shoulder.

My shoulders feel so much better after doing those! Reclined Hero Pose was great for my quads.

I’m having a great time & feeling really good working out, and as I said to Ben yesterday, “I’m starting to understand why people enjoy working out!”

If anyone knows the name of that yoga pose, please let me know!


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