Weekend Fun: Napa Valley Edition

Ben & I are at my home in Napa this weekend! We went to this cool place called Cornerstone in Sonoma today for a picnic and adventure and had a really great time! My new favorite picnic snack is veggie corn chips with brie and salami. Who knew brie was good on chips as well as crackers!

bleilasonomapicnic bleilapicnic2

Laughing at Ben's shenanigans while holding some tasty Trader Joe's hard cider

Laughing at Ben’s shenanigans while holding some tasty Trader Joe’s hard cider

It was such a beautiful day! Clear, sunny, and about 70 degrees. Cornerstone has some really interesting art gardens, shops, a restaurant, even a lily pond!


Birdhouse art installation


My parents – It’s their 23rd anniversary tomorrow!

We brought out doggies, and I got to pose in a human-sized dog house with my Stella! She’s a very photogenic girl.


Here’s my dad with our labradoodle, Reggie. He fell into the pond! (Reggie, not my dad haha.) Luckily, it was only about a foot deep.


We found some pinking-shear art! The sculpture was made by a guy with ALS.


And some crystal-cloud-hanging-over-cactus art! (Brought to you, strangely, by Clif Bar).


We also found some very special stone work in the salvage yard.

FullSizeRender (9)

We all had a great time exploring the art and eating our picnic at this rad place! I hope everyone is having as nice a weekend as I am!



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