November Wantable Accessories Box Review!

I got my third Wantable accessory box this weekend! I’m pleased with it overall, because I got some cool things I wouldn’t have picked out for myself, but it’s much less “fall” than I had hoped and I’m not thrilled with every item. (Mainly though, I just wanted another scarf.) I’m going to take a couple months off of this box and save that money, but I already went on the website and changed my preferences again to reflect what I’ll want more and less of in whichever month my next box is.

The Hannah necklace

The Hannah necklace

The Hannah necklace is tied with the Sammy earrings for my favorite item in this box. Wantable suggests wearing it with a layered sweater, which I think is a good tip. Here’s a couple ways I wore it yesterday:




I really like the bead work and the metal colors of this necklace, and I’ll get some wear out of it, I only wish it weren’t such a fragile piece. One of the many strands snapped after some accidental tugging yesterday and some beads came off, but I was able to retie it and weave it in so it’s no big deal.

The Sammy earrings

The Sammy earrings

I never would have picked these out for myself in a store, but I love them! They’re very lightweight and go perfectly with the Hannah necklace. They’re even small enough that isn’t overwhelming to wear them together.



I’m sorry about the lighting in this one, but you can see the size of them and the matching colors with the necklace.

The Stacy watch

The Stacy watch

The Stacy watch is a really nice, classic silver watch. The face is a good size, not too big and not too small. I will definitely wear this, but it is currently about 5 or 6 links too big. The info sheet says that it’s adjustable but I’ve fallen for trying to do that by myself before. It was a clusterfuck of frustration for several hours, and I still ended up having to take it into a jeweler to get it done. I’ll probably just take this one in and get it done professionally to begin with, but it sucks that I have to spend extra money for this to be wearable.

The Julie ring

The Julie ring

This is my least favorite piece from this month’s box. I’m a big ring gal, but I don’t know if I’ll really wear this one. It’s reflective silver and it’s adjustable, so I could wear it on any of my fingers except my pinky, which is nice. I’ll have to try it out and see if I like it, but at this point I might put it in the gift stash.

I definitely got some cool, wearable pieces from this box, but I was disappointed by the lack of scarf and by the ring I got. The total value for this box was $80, which is great. I’m happy with Wantable overall though, and they certainly have provided me with some great pieces to wear for the rest of fall and into the holiday season!




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