Two years of practicing yoga and how it changed my life


I started practicing yoga two years ago now. I got inspired to start in a funny way; I was in the UC Davis bookstore looking at the magazine rack and I saw that Women’s Health magazine had a section on quick yoga fixes. I had been looking for something active to add to my life that was different than biking (I bike as my main form of transportation) but that wasn’t running or going to the gym all the time. I’ve never been interested in that kind of exercise, and I hate doing things I don’t want to do, so that wasn’t going to happen. But yoga sounded like something I could add in.

I found the actual issue that introduced me to yoga!

I found the actual issue that introduced me to yoga!

I started doing the sequences from this article at home in my apartment and I noticed pretty quickly that things were changing. I used to hold my tension in my shoulders, which was at times a big source of pain for me, especially in high school. After a few weeks of doing some yoga, gone. My legs, already pretty strong from biking, were getting stronger and able to hold poses for longer. I also really enjoyed doing it, it didn’t feel like a chore at all. So I upgraded to the next step:


This is a really wonderful book by awesome yogi Kathryn Budig (with whom I share my middle name). It has tons and tons of sequences for everything under the sun, from working out your arms to getting rid of your headache to preparing to be a mom. She explains and breaks everything down very thoroughly, and the pictures are high-quality and take you step-by-step as well.

Around the time I got myself this book, I was at home visiting my parents and had my mom take me to a yoga class at her gym. It was a great class, we both loved it, and she started her yoga practice, too! So this month marks not only my 2 year yogaversary, but my mom’s as well.

I go to classes when I can, sometimes at a great studio here in Davis, sometimes in Napa, and sometimes at the UCD gym, but I mostly practice at home. I find books to be a great source of inspiration, so last year I got myself the Yogalosophy book by Mandy Ingber.I did the 28 days of the program, and I really liked the clean-eating part of it as well as the daily yoga and strength training routines.


My latest yoga book purchase was the pre-order of the “Make Your Own Rules Diet” by Tara Stiles. I ordered it because Kathryn Budig said it was really good and I’m really enjoying reading it so far! It isn’t just a yoga book, it also has information and tips on meditation as well as quite a few recipes! She encourages people to take back their lives, trust their intuition, and nurture their bodies properly, all of which I am for. I’ll keep you posted on how the book is as I go!


I’m so thankful that I have yoga as a practice in my life. It makes me feel so good and peaceful, and I’ve come so far with it in two years! Not only has my strength and stamina increased, but I think I’ve become a more even-keeled person. Someday, when I have a little time and a few more years of experience, I want to take a teacher training course and get certified. Meanwhile, I’ll just be reading and practicing.


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