Fashionable Friday #3



I’m already getting so much wear out of the blue Cut & Sew swing dress! This week I paired it with a black and grey stripe Forever 21 cardigan, my favorite boots, and fun colorful leggings from Plndr.



Not really a picture of what I wore, but I love this shade so much! It was part of a duo called hot apple cider or something, which I think it fitting.



I wore my Priddy by Pruella wrap top yesterday. I got it as a replacement for a damaged item I received in my October tote, and I’m quite happy with it! The print is like paisley and lace and it’s suuuuper soft and comfy. I can see wearing this as a yoga top but it’s also a nice everyday shirt!



It looks cute bundled up, too! This is what I wore the the Hunger Games Mockingjay premiere last night.



I took this picture and it cracks me up because it looks like a stereotypical headshot for a composer or something. “Here I am sitting at the piano, look at how musical I am!” I just happened to be in a practice room when I decided it was time to take a picture of my cozy sweater of the day. It’s perfect for an overcast Friday.

Maybe next week I’ll actually get a picture of what I wear every day of the week!




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