Something Snacks Subscription Box Review

Something Snacks is a monthly snack box whose slogan is “Something Familiar Something Adventurous.” For $10 a month, you get 7 new snacks. I got my first box for free with a blogger review code, and they even sent it later than they normally ship so I could review it this month!

First look

First look


View of all the snacks and the info sheet

There’s definitely a good amount of items in here! It was a fully packed box, which is always nice. I didn’t realize that they would be Asian products, though, which isn’t a bad thing except I can’t read most of the labels. I’ve tried the coconut patties so far, and they were good!


I’ll be trying a few more of the snacks after I come back from the long weekend, but I’m going to have to try to get my roommates to try some of the ones with more questionable ingredients. I like the concept of the box, the amount of snacks included, and the fact that I got to try it for free, but unfortunately, I won’t be continuing this subscription, mainly because these just aren’t the type of snacks I eat. If you’re interested in trying new kinds of snacks and being adventurous though, this is a good box for you!


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