December BuddhiBox Review

I received my first BuddhiBox this weekend!! I’ve been really excited to try this subscription box, and they were kind enough to send me this one to try out! I’m lucky enough to have gotten this quite early (they usually ship out on the 10th), so if you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read any further.

Personalized card from the owner!

Personalized card from the owner!

BuddhiBox believes in Discovery, Union, and Compassion. They donate a portion of the proceeds from their subscription boxes to a selected charity each month, which is so cool and different from most boxes. December’s charity is Eat Breathe Thrive. They have two boxes, either a monthly sample box for $12 (it’s on sale for $6 today!) or their full-sized box, containing 4-6 yoga-related products for $23 monthly (also just for today). BuddhiBox sent me the full-sized box to review.

Here’s what it had in it:

First look- quote/info card

First look- quote/info card


The Amazing Grass Shaker Cup & Amazing Meal is a spill-proof shaker cup that came with four full-sized packets of flavors of Amazing Meal to try. I had the Vanilla Chai-flavored protein powder after my workout this morning, and it was pretty good! It tided me over until lunch for sure. The other flavors were Acai and Goji Berry, Cacao Chocolate Infusion, and Cafe Mocha. The listed retail price on the information card is $12.


HASinspiration savasana eye pillow is described to be for helping you relax further during corpse pose. It is lavender scented and feels nicely weighted but not too heavy on your eyes. It’s a great relaxation tool. Retail price is $14.


I love this downward facing dog cookie cutter! It’s such a fun idea and would definitely be a good gift for baking yogis. I can’t wait to use this to make (paleo/gluten-free) holiday cookies. Retail price is $8.50.


This is the Barefoot Yoga Co. Elastic Mat Strap. It’s supposed to be used to hold your mat together and keep it from unrolling, which is a good concept, but I have a bag for my mat so I’ll probably stick this in the gift box. Retails for $3.75.


This one is a code to get two free live & interactive yoga classes from Muuyu. I’ve never tried online classes, so this should be really interesting. I’ll definitely be using this over winter break. This retails for $20. Fun fact included on the back of the coupon: “The word ‘Muuyu’ is an indigenous African word for the Baobab tree, meaning the ‘Tree of Life'”.


TheΒ Bear’s Beauty Lavender & Grapefruit natural deodorant and Handmayde Happiness Loco Coco lip balm are listed as bonus items for this month’s box. They’re both full size and retail at $10 and $3, respectively. I’ve never seen a deodorant this small before, so I’m not sure exactly how to use it/if it will work. I plan on trying it though! The lip balm is very moisturizing and not overpowering scent-wise.


Also included in the box was an H2O Nutrition Holiday Detox Salad Recipe and a really cute pose-of-the-month card. You can kind of see it tucked in the picture above, but it’s a drawing of a person in Marichi’s Pose (Marichyasana III) wearing a Santa suit. Super cute idea!

Added up, the total value of this month’s box comes to $71.25. That’s a super awesome value for the price of the box! I really like the curration and variety of the items in the box, and I feel like I will use, or at least try, everything in it! I also really appreciated the great customer service! The handwritten note totally made my day, as did being able to try this box out and getting it so early in the month! I’m really enjoying this box, and would love to try it again next month!


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