Weekend Fun: Thanksgiving Break Edition

I love being at home! It’s been so nice to have a break from the school grind and do so much fun stuff.

Turkey in a bucket!

Turkey in a bucket!

We brined our turkey for the first time this year, and it turned out really moist and delicious! I think it’s funny that my dad put it in an orange Home Depot bucket.



I was quite proud of my tablesetting for Thanksgiving dinner. I got the idea for the napkin holders from Buzzfeed, my mom made paper rings that say “What I’m thankful for…” so the guests could write in their answer. We shared what we all wrote during dessert.


Friday was a lovely picnic day with my family! The doggies were very well behaved while we ate and tasted some great wines.


The port we tasted at Raymond Burr winery was my favorite! It would have been so delicious with my flourless chocolate cake.

Stag's Leap VIP treatment

Stag’s Leap VIP treatment

My childhood bestie, Chelsea, came along with us on the picnic day, and her mom works at Stag’s Leap winery, so we got to taste there, too! We got to try 3 cabernets side by side, which was really cool because I could taste the subtle differences between the three.

Chelsea & me

Chelsea & me

I got to hang out with my friend Harrison on Friday night, and we had fun playing a Harry Potter trivia board game, drinking, and catching up. Our friend Molly came over too and we listened to old choir music and geeked out.

Boardgame sass

Board game sass

I also got to help my mom out at a Holiday Pop-Up Market held at her yoga studio. She made some brisk business on her beautiful handmade paper journals, jewelry, cards, and Christmas ornaments! It was really fun to get to help her out, and I got an ornament for myself.


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