My Favorite Things: 12/2/14

It’s December already! Hard to believe. We’re having a very rainy day today, but I’m hanging out in my cozy apartment and writing papers, so at least I’m warm and dry. I will have to go outside sometime though, so I’m enjoying being dry while I can.

Here are some things I’ve been enjoying so far this week:

FullSizeRender (18)

I got new earrings at the holiday market my mom was in on Sunday! These immediately caught my eye. I love the stamped design, and they’re super light-weight. Perfect for wearing while doing yoga.


I’m back in the knitting game! I got the bug while Ben & I were biking back from our last dance class last night, so I pulled out some yarn right when we got back to my apartment. I’m planning for it to be a big, thick scarf, but you never know what will happen. It might turn out to be something else. All I want to do now is knit, I have to stop myself so I actually get some writing done.

IMG_1542My mom posted the #justbepresent December yoga challenge on my Facebook wall yesterday and it sounded like a great motivator, so I’m doing it! Today’s pose is Chaturanga Dandasana, an important element of Sun Salutations. I didn’t do yesterday’s pose because it was Lotus Pose and I’m having trouble bending my right knee after I scraped it yesterday. My bike tire slipped and I fell off my bike and landed on hands and knees. I don’t know what happened, there wasn’t even another person or animal involved! Anyway, straight-legged poses are much better for me right now. I posted this picture on my Instagram, and I’m sure glad I’m having a good hair day because it’s gotten more likes than any of my other photos I’ve posted!


Goddamn it Scandal, you had me at “I want to be a gladiator in a suit.” I didn’t really need a new show to watch, but I watched a few episodes of this with my roommate, and it pulled me in. I started at the beginning on my own, and I’m not even halfway through the pilot but I know I’ll like this show. I love Shonda Rhimes, and Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus, so this will happily fill that gap.

Happy rainy day, everyone!


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