Working Out: Week 6

This is my sixth week of going to the gym and lifting weights now, and I still love it! I’ve said this before, but I’m still so psyched that I found an exercise (in addition to yoga) that I love to do!
Ben and I are doing a squat challenge that we call #beatanna because we discovered that our friend/my roommate can squat WAY more than either of us. So we’re working up to 205 as quickly (and safely) as we can. The twist is that Ben told me today that Anna can squat 205 for 30 reps, so there’s that. That will definitely take longer to accomplish, but it’s good to have goals! I got to 160 today, so I’m happy!
I was way more tired out today on my arm weights than usual, and I’m not sure why. I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with both lat pull downs and the shoulder press. Oh well, I’ll keep working at it.


We’re that annoying couple taking pictures of each other working out, I’m sorry.

In addition to good weight lifting sessions, I’m also having a good time with yoga this week. I’m participating in the #justbepresent December yoga challenge with a new pose every day. Here is today’s picture:


I believe that it’s impossible to be sad or mad while wearing colorful monster leggings, so they’re great for working out and yoga on a rainy day.

That’s it for my working out update of this week! I’m looking forward to Friday’s workout!


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