A Few of My Favorite Things: 12/6/14

Good morning! It’s an early day today for me. I was up at 5, which was pretty brutal because I definitely didn’t get enough/ much sleep this weekend. It was a big choir concert weekend! The group I sing in, Davis Chamber Choir, got to perform in UCD’s fall A Capella concert, and we also had our own fall concert last night. In addition to performing, I also went to see my parent’s sing in their choir concert yesterday afternoon. It was an awesome weekend, since singing and listening to good music are two of my very favorite things to do.

Davis Chamber Choir

Davis Chamber Choir

In addition to singing in the large choir, I sang in a quartet this quarter. We only did one song together, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, but it was so much fun and we really nailed our performance of it last night! I feel really lucky to sing with such talented people, and I enjoyed singing in this small group so much. I really feel like I know each of them better now and I can say that they are great people.

The Nightingalers

The Nightingalers

Other than choir, the thing I’m most excited about this week is the presence of Christmas lights! It happened basically overnight; one day I biked home and it was sad and dark and so un-festive, then next day there were lights and garish blow up Santas and the weird robot reindeer! It’s awesome! I really love Christmas lights (if you were unsure) and the season and Christmas in general. It’s always been a happy time for me, getting to be with family and friends and sit in front of the fire and, as my Uncle Fred would say, “moon about” around the Christmas tree while watching the Weather Channel (I never realized how weird of a tradition that is until I just typed it out). My family has never been one for lighting displays, but I often go on a Christmas lights tour of the valley before Christmas with my friends, and some people really go all out. Last year we saw a display that had moving lights that were coordinated to music and a miniature carousel. Insanity, definitely, but I love it.


My other new thing I’m psyched on is my new shirt. I got it at Target on Saturday while picking up some Secret Santa stuff. I have a collection of awesome/rude/hilarious shirts, so when I saw this one, I had to have it. It’ll be a perfect work out shirt, and I’m excited to wear it tomorrow.

My new favorite shirt

My new favorite shirt


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