December Flicker Box Review


Hello! I wasn’t actually intending on getting a Flicker Box this month; I signed up on their website because it said that they were taking orders for January since December was sold out. But apparently I made it in under the wire, and I’m so glad I did! Because I got holiday candles!!! I’m all about the holidays and I’m all about candles, so this is a match made in heaven. The theme of the box is ‘Tis the Season. What’s really great is that these are really nice candles, none of that gross, artificial makes-your-head-hurt pine or cinnamon or “toasty fire” (which really smells like I should be called “burnt piece of dog shit”). Anyway, here are the lovely candles I received from Flicker Box this month!

Contents of the box

Contents of the box

The box contained four candles, Flicker Box matches, and a candy cane (cute touch!)


Holiday Bayberry scent

The first two candles are both from Copper & Kraft, a shop that you can find on Etsy. The Holiday Bayberry, scent no. 256, is a 4 oz tin and has a listed burn time of up to 30 hours. It sells on Etsy for $6.75, which is a great price for a nice soy candle! It smells like a lovely blend of spices and winter-y woods, which is definitely what I want my house to smell like this time of year!

Christmas cabin scent

Christmas cabin scent

The second Copper & Kraft candle is an 8 oz tin of their Christmas Cabin scent. This one smells fruitier than the other, but also with a hint of spices. The information card included in the box says that it can burn for up to 60 hours! It sells for $10.75 on Etsy.


Christmas Day scent

This little candle is from Lights Out, a company based in Austin, Texas. It is also a soy candle, but it’s pretty small (2 oz tin). Despite it’s size, it’s listed burn time is still 15 hours. It smells like spice cake and the mulled cider by family my family makes around Christmas, which is to say, it smells delicious and quite spicy. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get on their website, so I don’t how much this retails for.


Sleigh Ride scent

This is a big candle! So big that I couldn’t photograph it like the other ones. This is from Mosley Lane, and it’s an 11 oz candle in a nice mason jar! This guy has a burn time of over 50 hours. Sleigh Ride is described as a “distinct wintery blend of pine, oak, cedar bark and holly”. While I wish they had used an oxford comma in their description because I feel the need to force my love of commas on everyone, I love this candle! It smells so good, forest-y and woody but not overpowering at all. This size sells for $14.49.


December’s ‘Tis the Season Flicker Box is a total hit with me! I’m burning the Sleigh Ride candle right now and it’s making my room smell like a wet forest. Getting the box this month was a total accident, but I’m really happy about it! This box has a value of at least $32, but that’s without the price of the Lights Out candle included, so it’s definitely more than that. Flicker Box costs $25 for your first month, and $34 every month after, and given the quality of the candles, I think it’s a great deal!


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