December Yogi Surprise Box Review

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My Yogi Surprise box arrived yesterday! I had some time to open and enjoy it this morning. I’m very happy with the contents!

For those of you who don’t know, Yogi Surprise is a monthly subscription box curated to help you live a mindful life, and relax with a “retreat in a box”. This is the second box I received from them. It costs $44.95 per month, so it’s one of the more expensive subscription boxes, but they do offer full-size and high quality products in their boxes. I received a discount on this box, so I did not pay full price.

First look

First look

You are eligible to win a yoga retreat by entering their contest; they have information about it printed on the inside of their cute purple box.

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The info card included in each box listed prices for each of the items this month! That’s a super helpful detail to include for everyone, but especially for reviewers! The total value of December’s box is $82.50! I feel like that is a good value for what I received.

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First up, we have the Scout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds ($4.50). They are Pacific Sea Salt flavor. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m excited to! I like eating nuts and seeds as snacks, and pumpkin seeds are some of my favorites.

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Essential Living Foods Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs ($6) are a delicious, but not too sweet treat. The info card mentions that dark chocolate like this contains antioxidants and mood-boosting nutrients. I tried a few of these after my post-workout lunch and they’re really good! I held back because I should share them with Ben; he’s a big cacao nib fan. I’m glad to have gotten these in the box, but I would never pay $6 for these in a store.

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Angel Rejuvenation Spray Facial Mist & Aura Cleanser retails for $22. I’m not quite sure about the aura cleansing aspect, but it does smell nice! The scent is frankincense, lavender, and geranium, which is a combination I’ve never seen before.

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The Booda Butter ($14) is an unscented, moisturizing blend of shea, cocoa, and coconut butters, and jojoba and olive oils. I love body butter because I’m a dry skin person, so I’m excited to try this one out. It’ll be great now that it’s cold weather!

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This lovely organic cotton Yogi Surprise yoga strap retails for $10. Yoga straps are awesome, but I already have one, so this will have to go in the gift stash 🙂

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Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic ($8) is described as helping to fight fatigue and combat the negative effects of stress. It’s a mouth spray that can be used up to five times per day. I’m eager to try it out and see if I notice any effects! Hopefully it’s at least tasty.

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Last, but definitely not least, the item I’m most excited about! This are the Indian Tiger Eye Mala Beads, which were originally supposed to come in the November box but weren’t ready in time. They came this month, and they’re beautiful!! I’ve been wanting a mala for some time; I think it will really help me build a meditation practice. It’s hard to see against the background pattern, but the beads are very pretty. I’ll take another picture later with them on a simpler background.

That’s what I got in my Yogi Surprise box! I understand that they ran out of the mala beads, so not everyone will be getting those, but I think they sent emails out to those that applies to. I really like this box, even more than last month’s. I will definitely use the beads, body butter, and food stuffs, and the yoga strap will make a good gift. However, this is an expensive subscription, so I put my account on hold for a while. I will definitely order it again, but probably more on a quarterly basis, as opposed to monthly.

Did you guys get and enjoy this month’s Yogi Surprise box?


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