Working Out: Week 8

It’s been eight weeks since I started going to the gym and lifting weights! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’ve added quite a bit of weight to every exercise I’ve been doing, including the myostatic crunches! I had to decrease my squat weight today, but I did that for safety and to make sure I’m practicing good form. I was able to keep my shins more parallel and drop a lot lower squatting 155 lbs than I was when I was trying to squat 180 lbs. I’ll get back up to that, but it’s really important to me that I’m doing it correctly. Ben & I consulted with Kelly Starrett’s book The Supple Leopard to correct our form – books are so useful!

I’m seeing my progress manifest not only in being able to lift more at the gym, but also at work and around the house. The 8 ft. tables I have to move around at work have been feeling a lot easier to pick up lately! I can also swing my 35 lb kettlebell much more easily than even a few weeks ago! I’m going to bring it home with me over Christmas break so I can continue to work out with some amount of weight. I’ll really miss going to the gym while I’m at home! Luckily, I’ll get to go to lots of yoga classes at the studio my mom goes to. I’ve also started being able to see results in the mirror. My torso is finally starting to look slimmer!

That’s all for my week 8 update! I’m loving how working out is going so far and can’t wait to keep it up in 2015!


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