December For the Makers Subscription Box Review

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For the Makers is a DIY craft/jewelry/awesome stuff subscription box. Their slogan is “You make it. We make it easier.” Each month, they send out themed collections with everything you need to make four projects (minus tools like scissors) for $29. They post the tutorials for each project online, which saves a lot of paper! For more about their philosophy, read here.

I’ve never tried a DIY box before this one and I wasn’t actually sure how much I would like it, but it totally exceeded my expectations! I figured that it would probably be good for me to have to put in a bit of work to get cool new accessories. This was one of my only Black Friday purchases, so I got this box for like $20 (I don’t remember exactly) instead of the full price.

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I got the Stargazer collection, which included Stellar Embroidery, Supernova Earrings, Night Sky Magnets, and the Full Moon Bracelet. I was instantly excited by the looks of these projects – very wintery!


The back of the project card tells you the materials needed for each project so you know what goes with what. I’m pretty sure they accidentally gave me an extra baggie containing the earring and magnet materials, so I’ll be able to make twice as many (gifts-woo!)


Here’s a view of the box contents.

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The Supernova Earrings are the only project I’ve made so far, but it was super easy & I’m thrilled with the results! All you needed to make them was the filigree pieces, the stones, the ear wires, and glue. 3 minutes to glue and 10 minutes to dry.


Aren’t they pretty? These are some of the most lightweight earrings I have & they’ll go with tons of things, yet they’re still very sparkly and festive. I love them!


Here’s a happy earring selfie so you can see the size.

I can’t wait to make the rest of the projects! I’ll probably do the embroidery this weekend once I’m at home. It’ll be fun to do while sitting in front of the fire and watching Christmas movies!

I love this box! It would make a wonderful gift for the crafty person in your life, or just for yourself! I love the concept and the theme, and feel like it was a good value. If you want to check it out and subscribe, you should use my referral link here 🙂


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