What I’m loving this week: January 7th

Winter quarter has always been my least favorite quarter of the year in college, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be better than the others. This brings me to my first thing that I’m really enjoying this week, my classes.

Since I’m a senior who managed to plan out my class schedules well thus far, I get to take fun classes that I don’t really need now! I’m taking Songwriting (with my favorite music theory professor, it’s like a class reunion), History of Sexuality in the U.S., and History of Rock, plus choir and voice lessons. It’s so cool! I love all of my teachers so far, and they all seem really enthusiastic, which is always a huge plus for me. I will have to do a lot of reading, I think, but I also get to study really awesome things, so the work is worth it.

Another thing I’m loving this week is being back in my apartment. I always love going home, but there’s something so nice about coming back to your house where all your stuff is and where you have a routine. I’m back to cooking more and I’m really trying to stay on top of keeping my room organized! We also have a brand-new refrigerator, which we definitely needed, because the front of our old one fell off.

My favorite new accessory I’ve gotten in a long time are definitely my glasses. They’re not for fashion’s sake, they are reading/computer glasses, but they’re so cute and I’m surprised by how good they look on me! (Sorry not sorry for the vanity.) In addition to being cute, they also make my hours at the computer much more pleasant.


Lastly, I’m really, really enjoying reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. The writing is wonderful, the story is so engrossing, and the strong, female main character is such a badass. I linked the title to Amazon, where you can buy it for super cheap (side note: I feel slightly ripped off because it wasn’t $2 for Kindle when I bought it, it was like $8. But the book is actually worth every penny so I’m not really mad). If you like good fiction, especially of the historical/ fantasy genre, READ IT. It’s so good.

Enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend, everyone!


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