Working Out: January 9th

Being back to working out at the gym this week has been so great! I had to take a step back on the amount of weight, because I lost a little strength over the two week vacation, but it feels awesome to be lifting weight again. Even though I didn’t get any stronger over break, I did lose another half inch each from my waist and hips, which is awesome! I can fit back in my size 6 jeans again, or at least the few pairs I have left that didn’t succumb to the bike-seat-rub-leg-hole that seems to be a hallmark of being a girl living in Davis.

I’m also not eating any gluten or added sugar this month, which has given me a lot more energy in the past. I did a similar eating plan last January and after a week or so found that I didn’t even miss dessert that much.

Making progress toward my goals makes me happy and is keeping me motivated. I have also been doing yoga every day, at least a few Sun Salutations, and posting some poses to Instagram. Yoga is the best and is another great motivator to stay limber and healthy. Here are my favorite pictures from this week:


Tree pose with X Files-ish lighting

FullSizeRender (11)

My limited split capabilities in the arboretum


Having fun with a bridge/tabletop hybrid


Dolphin pose in preparation for future headstands

I’m looking forward to more awesome workouts and yoga challenges next week!


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