Working Out: Jan. 14th

Ben & I decided that since it’s a new year and a new quarter, we should revamp our workout routine. We kept deadlifts and squats on alternating days, but the rest of the exercises are new! Here’s what we did today and how it went:

Squats- I had to drop my squat weight down a lot last month to work on form, but today I bumped it back up to 155 with good form! It was heavy but felt good. I’m excited to add more weight on next week.


Torture twists-Β The above picture is me before the torture twists.


This is me during them. Dying. I did extra reps today and my abs feel awesome now. The exercise is leaning back as far as you can, basically, holding for 3 seconds on the right side, then switching to the left and holding it for 3 seconds. Then do this three times for three sets. Super great and hard!

Kettlebell swings-Β The last exercise we got to today was kettlebell swings. I used a 30 pound one and did 45 reps, which I’m happy with since I’ve gotten out of the practice of doing them.

I’m really happy with and excited about this new workout set! Can’t wait to try more new exercises on Friday.




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