Favorite things: January 16th

Happy Friday and Mid-January!

For the Makers' gorgeous photo

For the Makers’ gorgeous photo

I just discovered this really cool playlist that For the Makers made for their newest collection. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, For the Makers is a DIY subscription box. They send you everything you need to make four projects with an overarching theme each month. (Click here to read my review of their December collection!) Their collection coming out this month is called the Havisham Collection, like from Great Expectations, and they put together a playlist on Rdio that fits the theme! It’s really cool, and I’m just jamming out to it here at work. I’m so excited to get the collection!

I’m excited because I applied to receive a Send Me Gluten Free subscription box for review, and I got accepted! They’ll be sending me the February box. I don’t know much about the box yet, but gluten-free snacks sound like a great thing to review! I might even be able to do my first ever giveaway!

My new American Eagle skinny jeans are awesome! I haven’t had a nice pair of jeans that fit super well since I lost my favorite pair of Levis in Germany (how did that even happen?!)



I love how they look with boots and my beaded necklace from Wantable! They’re super soft and a little high-waisted, which is great for cropped shirts.



My butt makes them look extra awesome 😉 It’s just so great to have a well-fitting pair of jeans, especially since there’s still a lot of months before it’s shorts and dresses weather.

That’s what I was especially enjoying this week. Check back later this weekend for tales of my San Francisco adventure!


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