January 2015 Wantable Accessory Box Review

I got my January Wantable box yesterday! I’ve been looking forward to it all week. I thought it got lost somewhere in the middle states, but it made it through to Davis after a week and a half. I took a break from Wantable last month, but used my free box credit I won in the Wantable app photo contest to purchase this month’s collection.

If you don’t know about Wantable, they are a subscription box service that has 4 different kinds of boxes: accessories, makeup, intimates, and their newest one, fitness. You can pick the box you want and take a detailed quiz on your preferences, and they will make your box keeping your prefs in mind. Wantable has one of the best return policies for subscription boxes; you can return your whole box, and sometimes part of it, if you are not satisfied. They also have really great and fast customer service. Use my personal link here to subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚


My info sheet for this box

The first item I looked at was the Jordana sunglasses in silver. I wear sunglasses year-round and I really liked the sunglasses I received from Wantable before, so I’m happy to get another pair!


I love the shape of the frames. These are very different from any other glasses I have, so I’ll definitely be keeping them! Their listed retail price on the info sheet is $14.


The second item in my box was the Crystal necklace in silver. I requested a glam statement necklace, and this is definitely that!

FullSizeRender (12)

Each of the jeweled segments are their own pendant, which gives this necklace a different look than most others I’ve seen. Wantable’s style tip is to pair this with a LBD, which would look really cool.


The picture above shows its length well. The listed retail price for this piece is $42, which is more than the price of the box! I’m happy to add this to my collection.

Next, I received two pairs of earrings, both in silver, which is my preferred metal type.


The Glinda earrings have big sparkley rhinestones with mint stones surrounding them. They’re not too big so they can still be understated. The listed price for these is $21.


Glinda earrings

The Clara earrings are square studs that also have rhinestones. The stones in the middle are clear, I think, so they pick up the colors that are around them. These retail for $18.




Clara earrings

I’ve been looking for a fancy but not too crazy stud to wear for dressy things, so I like these! I’m happy with both pairs of earrings I got this month.

I’m really excited about my collection this month! It’s total value is $95, which is the highest value I’ve received from a Wantable box. All the pieces are very different from things I already have and from my other Wantable boxes I’ve gotten, which is great. I’m happy that I used my box credit for this collection! If you’re interested in getting your own box, you can use my referral code here.


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