January ’15 For the Makers Box Review

I got my January For the Makers box last week and finally got around to making things last night! I opened it up to check it out immediately, butΒ I was so busy last week that I didn’t have time for a crafternoon.

If you don’t know about For the Makers, it’s a DIY subscription box. They send you all the supplies you need to make 4 awesome projects every month (you just need a few tools usually that aren’t included). Tutorials on making the projects are posted on their website, but there’s a lot of room for creativity! The box is $29 per month, but I got a discount this month as a blogger.

I received the Havisham Collection for January. It’s described as being all about glamour and details, and it included a lot of sparkley things!

The projects are the Estella necklace, the Velvetine headband, gilded stationary, and Paradiso earrings. I love jewelry, so I made the earrings and necklace last night.


They included a ton of vintage crystals in this box, so I went a bit nuts putting them on the pendant and the earrings. These projects were so cool because you put the gems into clay, cut it to the shape you want, add jump rings, and bake it until it’s solid! What a cool way to make a necklace.


Bejeweled and baked pendant and earrings πŸ™‚


I took a lot of pictures because I was having so much fun. I’m really glad I have a set of jewelry pliers.


Starting on the process of using the gold paint pen around all the stones. Looks so cool!


My finished products! I had a blast making these and I’m planning on wearing the necklace tomorrow with a black sweater so it’ll really pop. I’m planning on using the gilded stationary for Valentines, since that’s coming up pretty soon! I’m not a headband person, so I’m not sure if I’m going to keep that part of the collection, but I’ll probably still make it.

I love For the Makers and this collection! It’s worth the price if only for a fun couple of hours of creating things, but you also get such great things out of it! The materials are good quality as well.Β Here is my personal referral link if you want to subscribe to For the Makers, too!


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