Favorite new things- Jan. 28th

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I feel like it’s been forever since I did one of these posts, but I’m having a good week, so there’s lots to be happy about.

My first things is a new discovery of today: the Rolling Stone’s album “Let it Bleed”. Obviously this isn’t a new album, but it’s new to me. We talked about it in my History of Rock class today and I fell in love. The first track, “Gimme Shelter” is amazing. Interesting fact about that song, if you listen closely, you can hear whooping in the background during Merry Clayton’s solo choruses. This was picked up on the recording from how loudly the guys in the sound booth were yelling because they were blown away by her power. I definitely appreciate the Stones more now. Listen to the album on Spotify.

Secondly, I love my new patterned bodycon skirt! My best friend Reyna gave it to me for Christmas last week (lol) and I wore it this weekend and yesterday. It’s totally my style, she knows me well 🙂 Thanks, dood!

FullSizeRender (13)

Speaking of bodycon things, I’ve always loved old-fashioned floral patterns, and I found this beautiful print on a bodycon dress at Forever 21 yesterday. (I went in with a friend and didn’t buy anything!! Big win.) It’s the prettiest design, but sadly, only the back side/lower portion of my body was made for such tight clothing.


My beloved cat friend, Izzy, has been joining me in doing yoga in the morning all week! I think she partially comes around because she secretly likes being photographed, but I also think it’s so cute that I pet her a lot. She did some cat/cow with me today 🙂


Last but not least is my new candle that Reyna also gave me for Christmas. She knows I love candles partially because she sometimes reads this blog and sees all the references, haha. She gave me a Bath & Body Works apple scented one and it’s delightful; it makes the whole apartment smell like an orchard.


(Extra cool with Keith Haring print in the background)

That’s all for now! Have a delightful day, and I hope it’s as sunny for you as it is here.



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