Working Out- Jan. 30th 2015

I got three really solid workouts in this week. I’ve been enjoying the new routine Ben & I have been doing, but we discovered quickly that we don’t have time to do all of the exercises we picked each hour. We’ve been switching off doing abs (torture twists) and extra arms (kettlebells) or legs (lunges with weight) every other day but we do power lifts every time. I’ve been getting a lot better at bench pressing! I benched 95 lbs today and I started with 65 lbs just over 10 days ago. Ben has been helping me maintain good form with both my squat and deadlift as I put on more weight. I seem to have gotten past the slump of a few weeks ago, which I think is due to us changing up the routine.

I’m starting to notice more results, and it’s easy to see how my body is changing by looking at my weekly measurements on my spreadsheet I’m keeping. It’s really fascinating. You can get a surprising amount of information from that. I’m really enjoying working out with Ben as quality time we get to spend together. He’s very supportive, and having him lifting with me makes it so much more fun πŸ™‚

That’s my update for this week! Things are going well and I hope to PR my deadlift again next week and keep working up to a higher weight on my squats!


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