Yoga February!

I discovered the wonder of yoga challenges on Instagram in December and this month I went a bit crazy and started doing four challenges. I love it so far! Taking pictures of myself practicing is not only getting me to practice consistently every day, but it is also helping me document my process and encouraging me to continue to practice the poses that are hard for me. I made a big new step with my tripod headstand last night – I was able to lift each leg off of my arms a bit for the first time! I finally felt strong and stable enough to try it.





My happy and surprised face in the bottom picture is because I had no idea it would work if I lifted my knees up, but it did! I’m really excited by this new breakthrough, now I just have to keep practicing it!

I’ll probably keep posting some photos of the yoga challenges I’m doing. Who knows if I’ll be able to stick with all of them, but it’s fun to try!

Have a happy Monday!


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