What I’m loving this week- Feb. 5th

Happy Thursday! It’s a pretty gray day here today, but its’s supposed to rain later this week, so clouds are allowed!

I know it’s only February, and spring is very far away, but the warmish weather here is making flowers bloom, and I love it. I got a daffodil plant from TJ’s this week, and it’s so pretty!!



I love the bud that you can see illuminated still inside its stock.



Blooming like crazy!



To make a long story short (too late), I love my daffodil and taking pictures of it. It’s such a happy flower.


I’m also psyched on this rad photo I got of the full moon I got on Tuesday. I’ve had a lot of trouble photographing the moon before, but I love how hazy this turned out.

The last thing I wanted to talk about in this post is Pandemic. Pandemic is a super awesome board game that’s actually collaborative! Like everyone works together to accomplish a common goal! The goal is to save the world from disease, so it’s very admirable.


It’s a challenging game, but you can regulate how hard it is to some extent. I’m not going to try and describe the rules here because they are numerous, but this game is awesome. You can play with anywhere from 2-4 people (after that you have to start teaming up). Finding a board game that just Ben and I can play together is so nice; most board games I’ve seen require at least 3 people. And because it’s cooperative, even my mom would enjoy it! (She has an older brother who made competition not fun). I highly recommend trying it out! Games are an awesome way to spend an evening.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!

Side note: this is my 100th post on this blog!!


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