Send Me Gluten Free February Box Review and GIVEAWAY!

Hello! I’m really excited to post my first Send Me Gluten Free box review! I got the box yesterday and am very happy with it! My first thought when I picked it up was how heavy it was. They packed a lot of stuff in there!

Send Me Gluten FreeΒ is a monthly subscription box of all gluten-free products. Their mission is to provide access to and knowledge of great gluten-free products that are on the market. This box costs $30 per month but you can use coupon code BLOG20 to get 20% off! Send Me Gluten Free was kind enough to send me this box to review.

First look

First look


It was packaged really nicely!


The first thing I tried was OCHO coconut bar mini. It was very good! Like an organic Almond Joy without the almond. On the OCHO website these minis come in large bags for $8.99 so I’m guessing this little guy is worth about $1.00.



The next thing I pulled out were the Eat Your Vegetables Sea Salt flavor chips. The slogan is “Veggie heart. Chip soul.” I was going to bring them to work so I could try them today, but I forgot 😦 I’m hoping they will be like a healthier version of the puffed veggie chips from Trader Joe’s. Sadly, I think they got a little crushed during shipping. I couldn’t find it online but I am guessing that this bag retails for about $1.50.


The item that was made the box so heavy was the Birch Benders Gourmet Pancake & Waffle Mix. I’m excited about this because I do sometimes miss having pancakes on the weekends. I’m planning on trying it out during the upcoming long weekend! It retails on the Birch Benders website for $8.99.


The Free for All Kitchen Gluten-Free Brownie Thins look awesome! I love all things chocolate, especially brownies, but these have a nice crunchy twist to them. It’s nice to have a medium-sized package of them (although I don’t know what other sizes they come in) because that means I’ll actually share some. I couldn’t find the price for these online.


The gluten-free protein bars they included are so exciting! I will definitely grab these on busy gym days. I didn’t know that Luna bars made gluten-free products! There was also a small Protein d’Lite in the box. I’m not sure exactly what it is. Maybe more like a protein energy shot or just a very small protein bar? The Luna bar retails for $14.95 for a box of 12, which comes out to about $1.25 per bar.


This NuGo Slim protein bar retails for $21 for a 12 pack or $1.75 per bar.


This little guy retails for about $17.50 for an 18 pack or $.97 per mini bar.




The last things in the box were a sample of Redd Remedies Throat Drops, a sample of Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gel, and a nicely packaged envelope of coupons.

The full size of the throat drops retails for $5.99. I like that this sample includes all of their flavors to try! It’s a good idea; it’ll get more people to actually buy the product after trying it I think.

These individual use packets of Sore No More are sold online forΒ $.60 each. Nice to have in your purse or backpack!


There we go! That was my awesome Send Me Gluten Free box! There is nothing in here that I won’t try, which is really cool. I like that it is a mixture of snacks, single-serving packages, and things that will last me a few servings. It was hard to calculate exactly how much everything retails for, but I’m guessing that the box was worth about $25. That’s pretty good for a food box. I would recommend this box to anyone who is gluten-free or considering trying it. If you want to subscribe, go hereΒ and don’t forget to use code BLOG20!

The giveaway (my first giveaway ever!) is open now! If you think this boxes looks awesome and want to be entered to win your own for the month of March, go here to my Rafflecopter! There are multiple ways to get entries in, so go for it! The giveaway closes next Tuesday, so you have the whole long weekend to enter πŸ™‚ Happy Wednesday!


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