Weekend Fun: Valentine’s Day Edition


Happy Presidents’ Day and extra weekend day! I’m having an awesome weekend. Ben had such a nice set up in the living room when I woke up on Saturday! Flowers, a present, a card, and chocolates! He’s the best 🙂


He gave me the very romantic present of nice glass tupperware! No, but seriously, my household was in extreme need of tupperware that stacks, doesn’t leak, doesn’t leach chemicals into food when heated, and ones you can actually find the lid to.


We went to the Farmer’s Market and it was really nice. The weather has been gorgeous and pretty warm all weekend. Ben got some really nice ham that we had for dinner.


After the Farmer’s Market we went to the park across the street from my apartment and frolicked around for a while. I did yoga, in a tree, on the grass, and Ben climbed trees like a monkey. I had him re-teach me how to climb trees, that is something I have sadly lost since childhood. I did pretty well though!


Handsome Valentine 🙂


Just hanging out


I was happy that it was warm enough for me to wear my pink fancy-backed tank top I  got for Christmas! It’s a really cool shirt and perfect for clowning around outside.


It was a really lovely and relaxing day. We spent the evening having red sparkling wine with our ham dinner and watching (probably too much) True Blood. It was great 🙂 I feel so thankful to have been able to spend the whole day with my love.

On a different note, my giveaway is still going on! I’ve gotten a lot more entries than I expected, which is awesome! You only have 24 more hours to enter though, so go do it! Click here to go to the Rafflecopter page.



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