Weekend Fun: Painting Edition

I went home this weekend and brought Ben along to help my parents paint our little granny unit we have behind our house because we’re getting a new renter. We built the granny unit for my Granny when I was in middle school, so I remember the construction and building and painting from the first time around.


I got some fun action shots.


I got up on the not-horrifying ladder and managed not to fall off and/or kill myself.


My dad got up on the scary ladder and also did not kill himself. When Ben got on the scary ladder to paint, it slowly started slipping backward until one of the legs magically caught on the edge of the couch, stopping the downward slide and thus preventing his doom. He slowly climbed down, and neither of us got on the scary ladder again.


We listened to all of Mozart’s The Magic Flute and most of his Don Giovanni, so it was a very classy painting day. It was also good exercise; my calves, quads, and neck were all so stiff the next day!

It was nice to be close enough to get to go home and help out, and I think the colors turned out really well!


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