February 2015 Little Lace Box Review

I received my February Little Lace Box yesterday! It was the perfect day to come home to something fun in the mail. This is the first time I’ve ordered an LLB, but I decided that I wanted this to be my one sub box for the month. The theme for this month was “The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me.”

Little Lace Box is a subscription box for woman “who know they’re worth it.” It’s a lifestyle box, and has included items ranging as widely as holiday-themed pillows to tea sets. They come up with a unique theme each month and then send products that they pick out to go with it. If you want to read some great reviews of past boxes, check out The Box Queen.


Izzy was very excited to help me open my box

Little Lace Box includes a wonderfully detailed info sheet with the box. This month’s talked about each product on one side and on the other discussed how they are working to maintain their vision and quality as a company and part of that is by not accepting new subscribers for March. This won’t affect current subscribers.


Pink Arrow Stationary by P. Press Papers

This cute stationary was the first thing I pulled out of my box. The info sheet said that the idea of including these came from all the letter-writing in The Notebook. I don’t write very many letters, but I sometimes write Ben notes or send thank you cards to people, so I will probably use these cards. This set retails for $12.99.

FullSizeRender (18)

Tub Truffles by CeeCee&Bee

The first thing I noticed when I opened the mailbox is that something in it smelled INCREDIBLE. It was these. They smell so amazing! I really want to try them, but unfortunately I will have to wait until September, when I have a bathtub again. For now, I’ll just keep them in my room and admire their beauty and delicious smell. These retail for $18.99 (I’m not sure who is paying that much for bath bombs, but I know they’re priced that way because they’re really nice, handmade, and natural.)


Original Goat Milk Hot Fudge by Beekman 1802

Fudge sauce. Holy moly is this good. It’s made with goat milk, which is a new, but delicious, concept to me. It’s so rich and thick. I had friends over for dinner last night and we put it on vanilla ice cream and it was a perfect dessert. The info sheet describes it as “the type of fudge that will keep you awake at night” and it might just be that good. This sells for $12.99.

FullSizeRender (20)

Heart Stud Earrings by Whitley Designs

I was really hoping for some nice jewelry in this box, and I got my wish! These little heart studs are so cute and exactly what I wanted – small, lightweight, silver studs I can wear with anything. Here’s how they look on:

FullSizeRender (19)I love, love, love them. I put them on immediately, which is a surefire sign that they’re perfect for me. These earrings are the winning item in the box for me. These little guys sell for $54.99.


Hula Bliss Goat Milk Lotion by Dancin’ Goat Skin Care

This small hand lotion is listed as a bonus item for this month’s box. Perhaps the theme should have been changed to “The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Goats”? Just kidding. It’s a nice lotion and I’m glad they included a little something extra.


This box has a value of over $100, which is great since I paid $29 for my first month. I have to admit though that when I first opened it up yesterday, this box disappointed me, but the more I read the descriptions and tried out the items, the more it grew on me. I think that my expectations were heightened by their past boxes, which were so lavishly curated that I assumed this one would be, as well. This box includes lovely things, of course, but I expected more, I think. The letter included in the box explains that they couldn’t have exactly what they had planned in the box for this month for a number of reasons, which happens, but I feel a little cheated that this happened the month I tried it out.

Overall, I am happy with the box. I love the earrings and the fudge, I will use the tub truffles as soon as I have a bathtub again, the stationary will probably be utilized at some point, and the bonus lotion is a great purse/backpack size. I am happy with the quality of all of the products, I just wish I had been able to see what the owners had originally planned for this month. I am not keeping my subscription to this box, but I will try it out again in the future.


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