March 2015 Send Me Gluten Free Review

My March Send Me Gluten Free box arrived over the weekend! I wasn’t expecting it, but the company very kindly sent me one to review, so it was a great surprise!

Send Me Gluten Free is a monthly subscription box of all gluten-free products. Their mission is to provide access to and knowledge of great gluten-free products that are on the market. Use coupon code BLOG20 to get 20% off!


Look at all those goodies!


I was so excited when I pulled the Surf Sweets Gummy Bears out of the big orange box. I love gummy fruit snacks, and these are made with waaay better ingredients than the average ones. I devoured these at work today and they were great! My favorite flavor was the grapefruit. You can buy a pack of 24 for $19 on Amazon.

Figgies and Jammies are like gluten-free Fig Newtons, I think. It’s also egg-free, which means that maybe Ben will want to try it. You can get a full-sized package for them for about $5.50 online.

The toosum is a 100 calorie snack bar made with healthy, globally-sourced ingredients. I got the cherry and plum flavor. This seems like a great thing to stick in your bag for a busy day, which is exactly what I’m going to do with it. toosum bars sell for $1.79 per bar on their website.


I couldn’t find this brand of Kimchi seasoning online, but I will most definitely be trying this out! Well, I’ll probably give it to Ben and ask him to make it for me 🙂

I got a nogii product in my February box, and I enjoyed it, so I’ll certainly be trying out this sample-size serving of their protein powered. I couldn’t find a price online for this size of powder.


Gluten-free lasagna noodles! I haven’t made lasagna in forever, but now I can! They’re even the oven-ready kind which saves a lot of time. I’m thinking I’ll be making this for dinner sometime this week. You can buy this brand on Amazon for $10.61/ box.


Before I get to my favorite item in the box, I’ll mention the smaller samples and coupons that I got in this box. I haven’t been getting this box for very long, but I’m impressed with the amount of products included and the overall value. They really do a great job of introducing people to great brands of gluten-free food.


The last thing in my box, buried at the bottom, was a bag of wraps. Like large gluten-free tortillas! My first thought was “quesadillas!” and so that’s what I had for lunch today. They were delicious and made me very happy. The consistency of these wraps are not at all unlike tortillas. I’m so happy I have four more to eat. They retail for about $3 for a bag of 6.


Lovely browned goodness

This box had an overall value of somewhere around $25. That’s an estimate because I couldn’t find some of the items online and others were sample-sized. As food boxes go, that’s not a bad value, and it comes out to about the same as last month, so the company is being consistent. I’m very happy with what I got, I will use everything, and I will probably even buy the wraps again. Definitely an overall win. Thanks, Send Me Gluten Free!


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