March 2015 Flicker Box Review

I ran out of candles this month, so I’m so glad I got a Flicker Box! Flicker Box is a monthly subscription box of artisan and handmade candles. Every month has a different theme – for example, November was “Going to Grandma’s House.” Your first month is $25 and every month after that is $34. For more information, check out their about page here.


This month’s theme for the box was “Oregon” and it included a collection of candles both made in and reminiscent of the state.




First up is the “Cascade Hops” scent from Lit & Co. For a beer-scented candle, it smells amazing! It’s described as being a “manly” smell in their shop and I see what they mean, it’s definitely not floral or fruity, but anyone could like it. This candle is 8 ounces and sells for $12.50 on Lit & Co.’s Etsy.


These little guys are from Oak Street Soap & Candles. They are made in Portland and smell like Portland rain. I wish these were bigger because I love the scent. It’s very clean and crisp. They sell these packs of four on their Etsy for $4, which is a total bargain!


These two beeswax pillar candles are from Beeswax Candles Works, Inc. They are naturally scented and so pretty. I immediately put one of them in the purple lantern Ben gave me for Christmas, and it’s perfect!


I couldn’t find what looked like these exact ones on their website (I didn’t feel like actually measuring them) but you can click the link above to see some really amazing candles! They have figurine and carved ones that are works of art. I would estimate that these ones cost about $15 each.


The Keep Portland Weird! candle is 6 ounces and from Vance Family Soy Candles. The scent is described on their website as a combination of lemongrass, spices, orange, patchouli, and coconut. It sells for $12.99 and 10% of proceeds go to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame which promotes music programs in schools! I’m all for that.

This box has a value of at least $29.50, and that’s not counting the beeswax candles at all because I’m not sure of the price. That’s a really good value for me, and I like all of the candles as well. They are all very different from the past Flicker Box candles I’ve gotten and I like that variety. It’s a great theme!


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