Spring Break 2015 Part 1

Hello, I’m back from the end-of-the-quarter and finals’ week madness!


I really missed blogging but I was busy doing other things like studying for my tests and going to San Francisco. On Thursday, I went to see my professor’s first opera,Β Death with Interruptions, in SF with my music friends.


It was a totally gorgeous day, and we had a pizza picnic in Dolores Park. It was my first time driving in the city, and it went really well. I even managed to park on a hill without rolling backwards.




We are clearly able to be very mature in public. The guy in the glasses is my prof. and the opera composer, Kurt Rohde. He puts up with a lot of silliness surprisingly well, although he doesn’t yet know this picture exists.


Death with Interruptions was my first modern opera, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. I didn’t even fall asleep!

Yesterday was Ben & my third anniversary, and we celebrated by going to Ikea (for the meatballs and fine Swedish home furnishings) and to a Dyro/Bassjackers/Stafford Brothers concert.


Seriously considering trying to read Swedish


Since we’re nightclub noobs who didn’t know what the right time to get to things is, we spent a couple hours riding elevators in fancy hotels on Union Square, looking at expensive knives in Williams Sonoma, and listening to a guy play a drum kit made of buckets and wine bottles. It was quite tourist-y and very awesome.


Pose or do not pose for picture – there is no try


Note to self: people don’t question why you’re wandering around in fancy places when you’re dressed up

We went into Ruby Skye eventually and it filled up and the show started within an hour. It was so fun! Tons of people, but everyone was really nice and the atmosphere was good.



The Stafford Brothers threw big blow-up yellow kangaroos around the audience and Dyro had the best light show. I will definitely go see shows like this again, it was a great date night πŸ™‚ It’s been an excellent spring break so far.


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