April 2015 Flicker Box Review

I got my Flicker Box this week! I’m so set for delicious candles now. This month’s theme was “In the Kitchen” and I think they did a great job of curating tasty springtime scents, all from companies featured in past boxes.


The “In the Kitchen” ensemble

Flicker Box is is a monthly subscription box of artisan and handmade candles. Every month has a different theme – for example, November was “Going to Grandma’s House.” Your first month is $25 and every month after that is $34. For more information, check out their about page here.

IMG_2825 IMG_2826

The Paddywax Blood Orange + Citrus candle is gorgeous! The cool textured glass jar really makes the presentation of this candle. It smells exactly like what it’s billed as and it fills the room. It sells here on their website for $10. This is my favorite candle of the box.


I’ve gotten Copper & Kraft candles in Flicker Box before and I really liked the scents. They have such a wide variety on their Etsy page! This is the 4 oz. version of the candle, and it is listed as having a 25-30 hour burn time. It sells for $6.75 on the Copper & Kraft Etsy page. It really smells like a lemon pound cake, complete with frosting, and while it’s delicious, it’s more of a burn for a few minutes and the room smells like lemon cake for hours rather than have burning for hours kind.


This Southern Apple Pie candle from 4th Street Candle Co. is 8 oz. and has a 50-60 hour burn time. It smells really good! It sells for $12 on the Etsy page.


This Lights Out 2 oz. mini tin smells like ginger mixed with plum and vanilla. It’s nice and kind of spicy. This is probably my least favorite scent in the bunch this month, but I will still use it as a nice bathroom candle. It sells for $7 here.

I really liked the candle assortment this month! They are all rather stand-alone, powerful scents, so I probably will be rotating through them as opposed to burning them together, but they’ll last longer than way. Thank for another great month, Flicker Box!


2 thoughts on “April 2015 Flicker Box Review

  1. Oohh, this looks like a great month for this box. I’ve been keeping my eyes on this subscription because i’m a little picky about the fragrances I like and am not sure every box will be a winner for me. I love food-related scents, though! Great post.

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    • Thanks for reading! I think that this company does a great job of providing a mix of scents each month so that everyone can find something they like. And if you don’t end up liking something, it makes a great gift!

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