Transformation Tuesday

I was looking at the birthday card Ben made me last September this morning and decided that the changes from then to now deserve a Transformation Tuesday post! Check this out:



I’m not really sure why, but the most dramatic changes in my appearance when I gain weight happen in my face. This picture was taken a few weeks after I got home from Germany. I had gained weight last spring, before I even left, but I went ham on the beer & bread & cheese while I was in the fatherland. It was awesome, but I knew I was going to get serious about losing some weight when I got home.



I enjoy how insane I look in this picture. The flash was not kind to me here. My arms were the second most obvious place I saw weight gain.



By this time, I was working out and lifting weights with Ben, so I had already seen some progress on the scale and in the roundness of my face.



I made a lot of progress in the few weeks before Christmas break.



This was taken in SF last month. Changing up my workout routine each quarter has yielded good results. My face looks so much more normal here!



Here I am, last week. 25 pounds lighter than in September and it looks like it all came off of my face! Weight lifting, eating mostly paleo/gluten free, and (starting recently) getting more cardio in has really been working. I still have about 15 pounds to go to my target weight, but I’m happy with my progress and feel so much better than I did 6 months ago!




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