Weekend Adventures: The Cat Empire at the Filmore & Wine Tasting

What an awesome weekend! Ben & I started it early this week, on Thursday, because his parents took us to the City to see the super-talented Cat Empire perform at The Filmore. It was my first time at the Filmore and my first time seeing Cat Empire, so I was really stoked on many fronts.

FullSizeRender (24)

In the poster room of The Filmore


Ben & I went up to the front to meet our friends Izzy and Trevor. We were right in the front row! Our new friend Mary, a die-hard Cat Empire fan, took this picture for us. Here are my excited fan pictures I took of the band:

Felix singing and playing percussion

Felix singing and playing percussion

Harry singing in between rad trumpet solos

Harry singing in between rad trumpet solos

Trombone guy was so good

Trombone guy was so good, the other trumpet guy was great too

Another one of Felix :)

Another one of Felix ๐Ÿ™‚

They played an extra-long concert and it was so awesome. They had unflagging energy throughout and it really pumped up the crowd. We sang along and danced a lot, and I was really glad that I listened to their latest album a lot beforehand because I knew a lot of their songs. I guess we got out of the auditorium fairly quickly because we all got the artist-designed posters for the concert! I’m definitely hanging it in my room.

IMG_3684Friday, after breakfast and some shopping at Macy’s, we headed with Ben’s parents back to Napa to go wine tasting.

Good-looking parents :)

Good-looking parents ๐Ÿ™‚


We had really good weather all weekend, it was kind of windy but really sunny and pretty for our Napa Valley day. We tasted at Black Stallion first. I remembered this winery from my days in NHS chamber choir; we sang here for a Christmas party once I think.


Darioush was had very cool decor, but the atmosphere was super pretentious and the wine was not as good as the last winery we went to.


Clo du Val was the best by far. We got to enjoy our tastes outside in the sun while looking out over the vineyards. It was lovely. After that, Ben & I assembled dinner and my day grilled it and we even all played cards together afterward. So fun to have both families together hanging out. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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